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Influence of Criminal Subculture on the Management of Prisons

Public and policy-makers often have differing views concerning the penitentiary system. With the exception of a small group of specialists and practitioners, not many understands clearly how the penitentiary system works. Penitentiary institutions are a closed environment that leads to a heterogeneous moral and emotional climate, causing the formation of different social orders within the […]

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Florian Irminger resigns from PRI as Executive Director

Penal Reform International (PRI) regrets to announce that Florian Irminger has chosen to resign as Executive Director from the end of October 2020. Florian will be taking up the position of Secretary General of the Green Party in Switzerland. Florian Irminger commented: ‘I have a high esteem for PRI’s work, am grateful to have been […]

Annual Report

PRI Annual Accounts 2019

Report of PRI’s Board and financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2019. The Board’s report was approved following the 86th meeting of PRI’s Executive Board on 29 May 2020. Upon request, PRI will share the organisation’s 2019 audit and the management response to comments made by the auditors.

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