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5 Rewarding Types of Rehabilitation for Prisoners

Providing rehabilitation for inmates offers countless benefits to the individual inmate as well as the community that inmate will re-enter upon his or her release.

Nino Otarashvili 23rd June 2020

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Isolated in Isolation

In 2020, the restrictions imposed as the result of the pandemic made us realize the importance of communicating with the outside world and how difficult it is to live in isolation, in a single, locked space with restricted mobility, seemingly close and at the same time far away from friends and loved ones. These changes have made the daily lives of people who spend certain periods of their lives in isolation from society, particularly in penitentiary institutions even more visible and understandable. With the most superficial reasoning, they are responsible for what they have done and are “deservedly” isolated. By delving into individual stories, people are often deprived of choices, under the influence of various socio-economic factors in their lives. 

Nino Demetrashvili 23rd June 2020