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2021 Global Declaration on Justice with Children

The Global Declaration on Justice With Children is a culmination of the discussions held before and during the 2021 World Congress on Justice With Children that gathered over 4,800 intergenerational participants from over 100 countries from 15-20 November 2021 with the theme of “Ensuring access to justice for all children: towards non-discriminatory and inclusive child justice systems”. […]

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Over-policing of Aboriginal children in Australia: A system that criminalises Aboriginal children

One of the themes of this year’s World Congress on Justice With Children is systemic racism and the disproportionate criminalisation of Indigenous children. The UN Global study on children deprived of liberty stated that young indigenous people are over-represented in many justice systems, a trend which has increased over recent years. In the sixth blog in our series for the World Congress on Justice with Children, Andreea Lachsz, Head of Policy, Communications and Strategy at the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, outlines the situation in Australia and how they are working to address such discrimination. 

Andreea Lachsz 22nd November 2021

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Unearthing the facts about children facing the most severe penalties in Pakistan

Children in many countries continue to be sentenced to the death penalty and life imprisonment, often under outdated colonial laws and in violation of their rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the fifth blog of our series for the World Congress on Justice with Children, Sarmad Ali discusses research undertaken by Legal Awareness Watch (LAW) Pakistan to understand the situation of children in prison facing these most severe penalties.

Sarmad Ali 11th November 2021