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Less lethal equipment used in places of detention

The usage and types of equipment in prisons and other places of detention is wide ranging and varies from country to country. In this blog, the Omega Research Foundation reflects on the growth of less lethal weapons available to officers and ongoing efforts for transparency.

The Omega Research Foundation 18th March 2020


Working with police, magistrates and lawyers to promote fairer criminal investigations and trials in Uganda

Penal Reform International (PRI) is taking important and effective steps towards preventing ill-treatment and promoting the application of fair and effective criminal investigations and trials of people detained in Uganda. Police officers were introduced to investigative interviewing – using the ‘PEACE model’ – a practice promoted by the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and adopted in a number of countries to replace confessional-based interrogation methods, which can lead to coercion and torture. PRI also invited magistrates from across the country for a training on best practices in the implementation of the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act (PPTA) for the effective adjudication of torture cases.


Penal Reform International’s work in Uzbekistan in 2019 – highlights and successes

A summary of PRI's work and achievements in Uzbekistan in 2019, on the creation of a new probation service; the development of monitoring mechanisms to prevent torture and ill-treatment in places of detention; investigating complaints and death in custody; and the role of prison staff in rehabilitation programmes and the re-socialisation of detainees.

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