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Separation and solitary confinement in the revised 2020 European Prison Rules – First thoughts

The European Prison Rules (and their Commentary) were recently revised by the Council of Europe. The most notable changes arguably concern the rules guiding prison authorities on the separation and solitary confinement of prisoners. In this article written for PRI, Professor Dirk van Zyl Smit, who was expert adviser to the Penological Council of the Council of Europe on the revision, shares his first thoughts on what these new limitations on separation and solitary confinement mean for prison management and the human rights of prisoners.

Dirk van Zyl Smit 10th July 2020


Coronavirus: Preventing harm and human rights violations in criminal justice systems

As governments around the world continue to navigate the global coronavirus pandemic, PRI’s new briefing considers how criminal justice systems are responding, how it is affecting people serving custodial and community sentences, and what action can be taken – now and in the longer term – to prevent harm and human rights violations.

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