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The Meaning of Rehabilitation-Resocialization and its Regulation Based on National and International Standards

Georgia has a young democracy, and the country’s supreme law, the constitution, in the preamble states the priority of establishing the democratic social order, economic freedom, and a legal and social state, which guarantees the universally recognized human rights and freedoms. Therefore, it is the priority of the state to develop and improve the institutions designed to protect basic human rights and freedoms, especially in the implementation of criminal justice policy by the state. The liberal criminal justice policy carried out in the country raised the discussion on the purposes of punishment, in particular, the rehabilitation and resocialization of convicted individuals, and due to the topicality of the issue, the present essay will focus on the meaning and aims of rehabilitation and resocialization of the convicted persons and measures that are necessary for the efficiency of this process.

Rusudan Sulamanidze 13th August 2019

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“People Like Me”and “Others”

During the hot July of 2018 I was taking the Unified National Exams. My third exam was in English language. I arrived early at the examination centre. There was a prisoner in front of me during the registration, maybe of my age or slightly older, accompanied by two escorts. After redirecting him to the exam room, the registrar said - hopefully he will be placed with the ones like him. My exam room was next to that exam room. I did not look inside, but I knew that there were “people like me” as well. Unfortunately for the registrar, the prisoners were not placed in isolated exam rooms.

Mariam Dangadze 13th August 2019