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“The system is just not ready” – Promoting alternatives to imprisonment in Hungary

Is strict penal policy good? What can the Hungarian criminal justice system learn from other countries’ use of non-custodial sanctions? Would the introduction of sentencing guidelines change practice and reduce discrimination? Why are available non-custodial sanctions not used more? How can we address common barriers to better use of community-based sanctions? What can we do […]


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on non-custodial sanctions and measures: Summary report of a comparative study in Member States of the European Union

In order to reduce prison populations to manage the spread of COVID-19, many states turned to the use of non-custodial sanctions and measures and the adoption of early or emergency release schemes. While the impact of the pandemic on prisons has been well documented, it is less clear how COVID-19 and the different measures governments […]

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Model for Reform

10-point plan: crisis-ready non-custodial sanctions and measures

Probation agencies and others supporting the use and implementation of non-custodial sanctions and measures have been significantly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and measures adopted by criminal justice systems and governments in combatting the spread of the virus in prisons and communities at large. While the focus has often been on mitigating the extreme […]

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