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Coronavirus: Healthcare and human rights of people in prison

PRI briefing note issued on 16 March 2020 on the situation of the outbreak of a novel form of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and prevention measures in prisons and wider impacts of responses to governments on people in criminal justice systems.

Languages: Arabic, English, Russian, Spanish


2020-2023 Strategy for Penal Reform International

This year PRI is celebrating 30 years of accomplishments in developing and promoting fair and effective criminal justice systems across the world. Today, we set our trajectory for the coming decade, launching our new strategy for 2020-2023.

Languages: English

Policy Document Analysis – Probation Reform in 2014-2018/პრობაციის სისტემის რეფორმა 2014-2018 წლებში

The publication has been produced by Georgian Young Lawyer's Association (Author: Mikheil Jakhua) within the framework of the EU funded project “Monitoring Government’s Commitments and PromotingPenal Reforms through the Engagement of CSOs” which is implemented by Penal Reform InternationalSouth Caucasus Regional Office.

Languages: English, Georgian