Coronavirus y mujeres privadas de libertad: Está faltando un análisis con perspectiva de género

La epidemia de Covid-19 ha provocado una variedad de respuestas por parte de los sistemas penitenciarios y de justicia, pero en general la difícil situación de las mujeres ha sido pasada por alto o directamente ignorada. Si no se producen evaluaciones y respuestas al coronavirus que contengan un perspectiva de género específica, la vida de las mujeres en el sistema penal seguirá en riesgo y continuarán registrándose violaciones a sus derechos.

Olivia Rope27th July 2020

Robots, scanners and thermal cameras: technologies in prisons and the coronavirus pandemic

In this second expert blog of our series to explore trends documented in Global Prison Trends 2020, Benny Goedbloed – an expert on Technology for Prisons and Probation – writes about the different technologies employed by prisons as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Goedbloed also lays out recommendations to ensure such technologies remain not only effective but for the benefit of persons detained, both during and after the pandemic.

Expert guest for PRIBenny Goedbloed17th July 2020

Separation and solitary confinement in the revised 2020 European Prison Rules – First thoughts

The European Prison Rules (and their Commentary) were recently revised by the Council of Europe. The most notable changes arguably concern the rules guiding prison authorities on the separation and solitary confinement of prisoners. In this article written for PRI, Professor Dirk van Zyl Smit, who was expert adviser to the Penological Council of the Council of Europe on the revision, shares his first thoughts on what these new limitations on separation and solitary confinement mean for prison management and the human rights of prisoners.

Expert guest for PRIDirk van Zyl Smit10th July 2020

How COVID-19 has exacerbated problems created by excessive use of pre-trial detention

In this expert blog, the President of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights, Joel Hernández, writes about alternatives to pre-trial detention in the Americas where the number of people held in remand are excessively high. Commissioner Hernández calls for the use of alternatives as an urgent measure to protect human rights - during the COVID-19 crisis and longer-term.This is the first expert blog in a new series where leaders, practitioners and academics will share their expertise to delve into trends and analysis from Global Prison Trends 2020.

Expert guest for PRIJoel Hernández García15th June 2020

Coronavirus and women in detention: A gender-specific approach missing

The coronavirus pandemic has shed a light on the crisis state of criminal justice and prison systems, but in this the plight of women has somewhat been neglected, or overtly disregarded. Without a gender-specific assessment and response to coronavirus, lives of women are at risk and human rights violations will continue.

Olivia Rope4th June 2020

If anything, this pandemic has clearly demonstrated the urgent need for reform

In this expert blog for PRI, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ilze Brands Kehris says COVID-19 has exposed the urgent need for long-term societal and institutional reform and that human rights must be front and centre of the global response to the pandemic. This blog draws on the remarks made by the Assistant-Secretary General at the launch of Global Prison Trends 2020. 

Expert guest for PRIIlze Brands Kehris11th May 2020