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Depopulate, Single Cell, Test: Finding the evidence base for strategies to control COVID-19 transmission in a large urban jail

Over 240,000 people in prison in 110 countries have tested positive for COVID-19 to-date. Seven months after the pandemic was declared, many detention facilities around the world are still struggling to prevent and respond to outbreaks of the virus. In this expert blog, as part of PRI’s series exploring trends in Global Prison Trends 2020, […]

Giovanni Malloy, Lisa Puglisi, Margaret Brandeau, Tyler Harvey and Emily Wang 15th October 2020

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Prisons and COVID-19: how is the pandemic complicating how other emergencies are mitigated or prevented

Prisons and other detention facilities face a whole host of emergencies from environmental and technological hazards, such as tornados or earthquakes. In this expert blog for PRI, as part of our Global Prison Trends series, J. Carlee Purdum, an expert on hazards, disasters and prisons, reflects on how plans need to be developed and adapted […]

Dr. J. Carlee Purdum 29th September 2020

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La COVID-19 marginalise encore plus les personnes en détention dans des pays vulnérables

La pandémie de la  COVID-19 continue de sévir à travers le monde et aucun pays n’est épargné. En Afrique, son impact varie d’un pays à un autre et les pays en situation post-conflit en sont durement éprouvés. C’est le cas de la République centrafricaine, pays en phase de reconstruction et de stabilisation avec la présence […]

Oscar Ouedraogo 25th August 2020