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Prisons and COVID-19: how is the pandemic complicating how other emergencies are mitigated or prevented

Prisons and other detention facilities face a whole host of emergencies from environmental and technological hazards, such as tornados or earthquakes. In this expert blog for PRI, as part of our Global Prison Trends series, J. Carlee Purdum, an expert on hazards, disasters and prisons, reflects on how plans need to be developed and adapted […]

Dr. J. Carlee Purdum 29th September 2020

Annual Report

Annual Report 2019

PRI’s Annual Report outlines the impact of our work and achievements in 2019 nationally, regionally and internationally. Highlights in 2019 included: Publication of the Global Prison Trends Report 2019, in partnership with the Thailand Institute of Justice (our annual flagship publication); PRI celebrated its 30th anniversary and launched its 2020-2023 strategy, alongside its new visual profile, which itself […]

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‘Imprisonment is expensive’ – breaking down the costs and impacts globally

In the third blog of our series exploring trends documented in Global Prison Trends 2020, Jeanne Hirschberger – researcher for the report – explains prison budgets. Jeanne details the levels of inadequate resourcing for prisons globally and the impact of this on the human rights of those detained. Massive overcrowding, lack of access to healthcare, […]

Jeanne Hirschberger 24th July 2020