Index of Paralegal Services in Africa

Over the past 15 years, paralegals have become an increasingly important part of the criminal justice system in developing countries. As well as providing legal information and basic legal advice to people in conflict with the law, some paralegal services also provide food and medical supplies to people in detention and a presence at police […]

Making Community Service Work: A Resource Pack from East Africa

This pack provides information and material about how community service has developed as an alternative to imprisonment in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and will be both of interest and practical use to individuals and organisations in other low income countries who want to develop similar policies. The pack includes extracts from legislation, policy documents and […]

Toolkit: Interviewing Children, their Guardians, and Staff of Juvenile Detention Facilities

PRI’s activities around juvenile justice focus on diverting children from the adult justice system, promoting alternative sanctions to imprisonment and, where imprisonment is used, improving conditions of detention. In order to do this, interviewing children who are deprived of their liberty is vital in getting a full understanding of the situation in a country. This […]

Holistic rehabilitation for survivors of torture

In 2011, Freedom from Torture (previously the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture) delivered a 5-day training programme on behalf of PRI on holistic rehabilitation for survivors of torture. The training aimed to promote holistic and comprehensive programmes of rehabilitation based on existing models of international good practice and was devised for multidisciplinary groups […]

Advocacy tools in the fight against the death penalty and alternative sanctions that respect international human rights standards

This resource is for NGOs, human rights activists and civil society organisations working on the abolition of the death penalty and on promoting alternative sanctions that respect international human rights standards. It aims to build and strengthen civil society organisations’ knowledge and awareness of advocacy and what advocacy methods are available. It covers issues such as using the media to […]

Reporting on the death penalty: training resource for journalists

The aim of this resource is to build and strengthen the knowledge and raise awareness of journalists on how to report on the death penalty and alternative sanctions. This training resource has been developed in conjunction with PRI’s partner, Inter Press Services (IPS). This resource is part of a series of three training resources produced as part of PRI’s programme of work […]