Global Prison Trends annual series

Global Prison Trends is PRI's annual flagship series. Published every year since 2015, the series identifies topical developments and challenges in criminal justice and prison policy and practice, and contributes to the monitoring of crime trends and operations of criminal justice systems.

Country reports on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on non-custodial sanctions and measures

In-depth country reports on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the use, implementation and experience of non-custodial sanctions and measures in Georgia, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan and Portugal, including preparations for release from prison and experiences of staff and those under probation supervision. These reports were published with the financial support of the International Penal and Penitentiary […]

COVID-19 vaccinations for prison populations and staff: Report on global scan

This report examines policies and practices related to COVID-19 vaccination in prisons across 177 countries, analysing how people detained and working in prisons are included in vaccination plans and roll-out. It highlights a critical lack of data collection and transparency on this aspect of the COVID-19 response and finds that most countries failed to adequately plan for vaccination in prisons, which has led to piecemeal and often insufficient implementation.

Prison health care: Paths to improvement

This report has been developed in the context of the current transfer of the penitentiary health care system in Kazakhstan from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Ministry of Health. The report provides an overview of the experiences of other countries which have completed such a transfer, or are in the process of transferring. […]

Baseline study on the penitentiary system of the Republic of Uzbekistan

This report ‘Strengthening the penitentiary system of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Legislation and practice’ presents the findings of baseline research examining the context of closed institutions in Uzbekistan, including governance structures, ongoing reform initiatives and trends in the rate of imprisonment. It includes a review of all relevant national policies and legislation on torture prevention […]

The penitentiary system in the new reality: Report of online forum proceedings in Kazakhstan

On 8 July 2021, an International Online Forum “The Penitentiary System in the New Reality” was hosted in Kazakhstan, chaired by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant General of the Police, Mr Yerlan Turgumbayev. About 150 participants, including representatives of state bodies, lawyers and national experts in the field of human rights, and heads of […]