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Global Prison Trends 2017

PRI has launched its annual flagship publication, Global Prison Trends 2017, at the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. Global Prison Trends 2017 is the third edition in our annual Global Prison Trends series, which identifies topical developments and challenges in criminal justice and prison policy and practice. It is published in collaboration with the Thailand […]

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Status of human rights implementation for vulnerable prisoners in Ukraine

Baseline survey and analysis of conditions for vulnerable prisoners and access to complaint mechanisms in seven prisons in Ukraine (two women’s prisons, two juvenile and three men’s facilities). 500 prisoners were interviewed in total. The research was carried out under a PRI project funded by the European Union designed to improve access to justice, conditions […]

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Podcast: Old age behind bars – how can prisons adapt to the needs of increasingly elderly populations?

In many countries around the world, the number of older people in prison is increasing steadily. In the fifth expert blog in our anniversary series, Bridget Sleap, Senior Rights Policy Adviser at HelpAge International, outlines some of the challenges that older prisoners face in prisons, which – whether in terms of their lay-out, regime, healthcare provision […]

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PRI Training Manual No.1: Human Rights and Vulnerable Prisoners

This manual is a resource for those who deliver training and workshops on human rights in prisons. It explores the fundamentals of good prison management, focusing specifically on international standards for the treatment of prisoners and the special needs of vulnerable categories of prisoner.

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