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Status of human rights implementation for vulnerable prisoners in Ukraine

Baseline survey and analysis of conditions for vulnerable prisoners and access to complaint mechanisms in seven prisons in Ukraine (two women’s prisons, two juvenile and three men’s facilities). 500 prisoners were interviewed in total. The research was carried out under a PRI project funded by the European Union designed to improve access to justice, conditions […]

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Statement at the UN Forum on Minority Issues

On 25 November 2015, the International Day on the Elimination of Violence against Women, PRI delivered this oral statement at the Eighth Session of the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues, which focused on minorities in criminal justice systems. The statement explains the links between violence and the pathways to, and treatment in detention, for women […]

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LGBTI persons deprived of their liberty: a framework for preventive monitoring

LGBTI persons in detention – or persons perceived as belonging to this group – are in a situation of particular vulnerability, at risk of human rights violations and abuses – including by fellow detainees – throughout the entire criminal justice system. The aim of LGBTI persons deprived of their liberty: a framework for preventive monitoring is […]

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PRI Training Manual No.1: Human Rights and Vulnerable Prisoners

This manual is a resource for those who deliver training and workshops on human rights in prisons. It explores the fundamentals of good prison management, focusing specifically on international standards for the treatment of prisoners and the special needs of vulnerable categories of prisoner.

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