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Event: Decisive action to reform laws that criminalise poverty and status

Side event to the 31st Session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. Co-organised by Ghana, Mexico, South Africa, the United States, Campaign to Decriminalise Poverty and Status, International Drug Policy Consortium, International Legal Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Penal Reform International, African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum, Community Advice Offices South Africa, Office […]

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Event: Challenging the criminalization of poverty and marginalization in Africa – and beyond

Side event at the 65th session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, organised by the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Ghana to the UN (Vienna), Penal Reform International, the International Drug Policy Consortium, the African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum, and the Campaign to Decriminalise Poverty and Status.  The criminalization of people who use drugs […]

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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on non-custodial sanctions and measures: Summary report of a comparative study in Member States of the European Union

In order to reduce prison populations to manage the spread of COVID-19, many states turned to the use of non-custodial sanctions and measures and the adoption of early or emergency release schemes. While the impact of the pandemic on prisons has been well documented, it is less clear how COVID-19 and the different measures governments […]

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Model for Reform

10-point plan: crisis-ready non-custodial sanctions and measures

Probation agencies and others supporting the use and implementation of non-custodial sanctions and measures have been significantly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and measures adopted by criminal justice systems and governments in combatting the spread of the virus in prisons and communities at large. While the focus has often been on mitigating the extreme […]

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Public Statement

2021 Global Declaration on Justice with Children

The Global Declaration on Justice With Children is a culmination of the discussions held before and during the 2021 World Congress on Justice With Children that gathered over 4,800 intergenerational participants from over 100 countries from 15-20 November 2021 with the theme of “Ensuring access to justice for all children: towards non-discriminatory and inclusive child justice systems”. […]

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Public Statement

Joint Call to Action to implement the UN Bangkok Rules

December 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-custodial Measures for Women Offenders (the Bangkok Rules). Ten years on, we have seen progress for women in criminal justice systems in some areas, and this is to be celebrated, but implementation of the […]

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Global Prison Trends 2020

PRI’s flagship publication Global Prison Trends, published alongside the Thailand Institute of Justice, was published in April 2020 – at a crucial time – as prisons worldwide are being pushed to breaking point by the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Prison Trends 2020 documents the chronic issues that have led to this human rights and public health […]

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National Demilitarisation Strategy for Central African Republic / Strategie nationale de démilitarisation des établissements pénitentiaires de la République Centrafricaine

National strategy for the demilitarisation of prison establishments in the Central African Republic, approved by the government and signed by the Prime Minister on 14 January 2019. The strategy has been prepared with the technical assistance of Penal Reform International (PRI) and the Judicial and Penitentiary Affairs Section of the United Nations Integrated Multidimensional Mission […]

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Prison conditions for women facing the death penalty: A factsheet

There are at least 500 women currently on death row around the world. While exact figures are impossible to obtain, it is estimated that over 100 women have been executed in the last 10 years – and potentially hundreds more. Little empirical data exists about the crimes for which women have been sentenced to death, the […]

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