Turning recommendations into reality: improving the impact of detention monitoring bodies

Moritz Birk, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute9th December 2014


Norman Bishop, 08th Feb 2015 at 23:59

The blog on the work of National Preventive Mechanisms is timely and full of good suggestions. I wish first to emphasise that it is important in my view to ensure that NPM findings are openly and widely published. Then I would like to add one specific suggestion to those contained in the blog.

The suggestion is that NPM recommendations should always be brought to the attention of the national parliament. This can usefully be done by focusing on standing parliamentary committees on penal affairs where these exist. .
And where they do not exist NPM:s could well urge threir creation.

Moritz Birk, 10th Feb 2015 at 16:20

Dear Mr. Bishop,

thank you for your feedback and suggestion. We agree that the cooperation with the Parliament is very important. Most NPMs in Europe already present their annual reports to the Parliament and engage in a dialogue with special committees (e.g. human rights committee or others). We agree that where this is not the case, practise should be reconsidered. This point will also be addressed in more detail in our upcoming “Good Practice Study” that will be published in May 2015. We encourage you to consult our website (http://bim.lbg.ac.at/en) in the near future.

Best wishes

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