Perspective on rehabilitation in different correctional settings

In the criminal justice system where one is grappling with the issue of serving timely justice, a discussion on the rehabilitation of prisoners may seem futile. The term rehabilitation in a correctional setting is apparently a romanticized word. Hence rehabilitation is one of the contentious aspects of criminology and penology. From criminal justice, perspective rehabilitation […]

Gauri Sharma3rd June 2019

კრიმინალური სუბკულტურა – ბარიერი პატიმრების რეაბილიტაციისთვის

ბლოგი შექმნილია ევროკავშირის მიერ დაფინანსებული პროექტის „სასჯელაღსრულებისა და პრობაციის რეფორმების ხელშეწყობა და მონიტორინგი სამოქალაქო საზოგადოების ჩართულობით“ ფარგლებში, რომელსაც ახორციელებს ორგანიზაცია „ციხის საერთაშორისო რეფორმა“ პარტნიორ ორგანიზაციებთან – „ინიციატივა მოწყვლადი ჯგუფების რეაბილიტაციისათვის“ და „ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრი“ – ერთად. საერთაშორისო საზოგადოება უკვე დიდი ხანია შეთანხმდა, რომ სასჯელის უმთავრესი მიზანი დამნაშავის დასჯა არ არის, არამედ იმაზე ზრუნვა, რომ მოვახერხოთ […]

ტატო ქელბაქიანი20th May 2019

Developing restorative justice in law, policy and practice: Learning from around the world

Restorative justice is a practice in which the person(s) who were harmed by a crime, and those who were responsible for that harm, are brought into communication. In this blog, Dr. Ian Marder discusses the implementation of restorative justice in some key jurisdictions, focusing on their legislation, policies and models of service provision. Restorative justice […]

Dr. Ian D. Marder10th January 2019

A community sentence for women with mental health needs

Image: The Good Loaf Cafe.  Where studies of mental illness have been conducted with prison populations, the prevalence has been consistently shown to be high.[1] Women offenders’ mental healthcare needs can be even higher than men’s, often as a result of violence and trauma. Community-based sentences are more effective in reducing reoffending and providing support for […]

Olivia Rope1st November 2018

Global Prison Trends 2018: a global view on the state of prisons

PRI has launched its annual flagship publication, Global Prison Trends 2018. Here we publish the foreword to the report, written by the Rt Hon Helen Clark, a Member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, and Former Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. Every year, Global Prison Trends by […]

Rt Hon Helen Clark15th May 2018

Prison education: university partnerships paving the way to successful reintegration

Educational programmes in prison are ‘generally considered to have an impact on recidivism, reintegration and, more specifically, employment outcomes upon release’ (Special Rapporteur on the right to education, Vernor Muñoz). Nina Champion, Head of Policy at Prisoners’ Education Trust, looks at the importance of prison education and the increase in and impact of prison university partnerships […]

Nina Champion9th January 2018

How social franchise can support women on probation

Social franchises are increasingly being used and recognised as a tool to quickly and effectively create sustainable impact. But their potential to support probation and reintegration of former prisoners has not yet been fully explored. We take a look at what social franchises, penal systems and sanitary towels have in common. “In several African countries […]

Adam Boxer8th May 2017

10 lessons on improving alternatives to prison in East Africa

In 2014, PRI embarked on an innovative two-year pilot project in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to improve access to justice by targeting the development of community service systems as an alternative to the overuse of imprisonment, funded by UKAID. Omar Phoenix Khan, who led on the project, shares his reflections now the final evaluation is […]

Omar Phoenix Khan23rd November 2016