Juvenile Delinquency – Causes, Prevention, and the Ways of Rehabilitation

Ivlita Gogua23rd June 2020


South Caucasus Regional Office, 03rd Jul 2020 at 14:08

This blog is part of a series that discusses pressing issues in Georgia’s criminal justice system. All of the blogs are posted by external authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Penal Reform International.

Agonamie Benny, 07th Oct 2020 at 02:03

A very analytical and well written article about the causes and measures required to curb the ongoing issue of juvenile delinquency. It really helped me a lot in writing a summary of an article titled “Juvenile Delinquency: Elementary Concepts, Causes and Prevention” by Dr. Saroj.
With that, once again thank you very much for your generosity to help nurture the upcoming undergraduate students worldwide through this initiative of providing the insights into what, why and how Juvenile delinquency is crucial in almost every existing society.

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