The incarcerated pregnancy: what is the experience of being pregnant in an English prison?

Laura Abbott, University of Hertfordshire7th December 2016


Stella Acquarone, Ph.D. Principal of the Parent Infant Centre,, 07th Dec 2016 at 18:07

Very important work. At the Parent Infant Centre, we have published a book called Surviving the early Years, from risk to main stream, referring to difficult situations in pregnancy and after birth where the mothers have been in prisons, or refugee, or raped and have suffered violence to them and to their babies. We need to continue making the wide public aware of the great potential of working and helping women from pregnancy for these young families to grow in love and understanding rather than in hate and revenge.

win2888, 16th Oct 2018 at 04:24

Some women find the support, care and shelter of prison a safe place for them, away from abuse, violence and the cycle of addiction they may be experiencing.

dang ky win2888

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