Guest blog: Death of 19-year-old in custody rightly ruled a homicide

Kim Pate6th February 2014


Crystal Renata, 06th Feb 2014 at 16:47

It saddens me that someone has to die before we realize that the way we treat people is not ok. People with a record, with mental health issues, or who are incarcerated are just that; PEOPLE! The biggest difference between Ashley and me, is that she was put in a correctional facility and I went through the mental health system (not that I committed a crime, but behaviours were similar). I am so pleased that it was ruled a homicide. Ashley was murdered. We say that people who do nothing are just as responsible for bullying…well it works in this case also. God bless Ashley, her family, and all others who are in custody when they should be in the psychiatric system. It would be SO less stressful for everyone! It would likely cost less also to have people in the hospital, where they belong, instead of a prison!

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