Can a tiger change its stripes? Why we should consider what prisoners wear

Harriet Lowe11th March 2016


Zafar Ullah Khan Programme manager for prisons Dost KP Pakistan, 18th Apr 2016 at 06:18

I n Pakistan especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ,there is no uniform for prisoners ,it is on there well , but some time ,i think there should be uniform for the prisoners , because those who are arrested in the journey or in the cities ,have no clothes ,especially drug addicts ,so they are living in a very unhygienic situation , which is on one side harmful for them ,while on the other side form other inmates,

Secondly ,some prisoners have strong family background and support so they are living happy in the prisons ,while those who are not supported from family feel deprived, so i am in favour of uniform

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