The added value of OPCAT ten years on

Rachel Murray22nd June 2016


Michael Boswell, 04th Sep 2017 at 07:52

Rachael, thanks for this. You might be interested in a logical framework that I tried to develop (& research for a PhD) that goes across all forms of detention. I was grappling with such issues while Deputy CEO of Corrections in SA – mostly concerned with getting private sector providers involved in service delivery – initially efficiency and later for effectiveness. I call it DOLI – deprivation of liberty Infrastructure. Posted a couple of 1 page summaries in LinkedIn. Would value your commentary as it seeks to link detention for behavior issues, for health issues and for ‘stranger’ issues that might impact on community well-being. Do not like the community safety or security or range of other characterizations – mostly because they have no intrinsic sense of balance.
Happy to provide more if you are interested

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