Less lethal equipment used in places of detention

The usage and types of equipment in prisons and other places of detention is wide ranging and varies from country to country. In this blog, the Omega Research Foundation reflects on the growth of less lethal weapons available to officers and ongoing efforts for transparency.

The Omega Research Foundation18th March 2020

We are 30: Looking forward to the next decade

30 years ago, Vivien Stern, Ahmed Othmani and Hans Tulkens created Penal Reform International. In the footsteps of our founders, and proud of all we have accomplished over the last 30 years, we now look forward and launch a new strategy, setting the tone of PRI’s evolution.

Florian Irminger21st November 2019

UN reports mortality rates for people in prison as much as 50 percent higher than wider community

In this blog, Aldyen Krieger, PRI’s Policy Intern, evaluates the primary drivers behind the high exposure to violence and increased mortality rate of persons deprived of liberty in reference to the report’s findings. She continues to link the report’s findings to the responsibilities enumerated in the Nelson Mandela Rules and specifically highlights Penal Reform International’s (PRI) contribution to discussions of self-harm and life sentences.

Aldyen Krieger18th November 2019

Niñez que Cuenta: La cara invisibilizada de las políticas de drogas y el encarcelamiento

Es así, que las voces de 70 NNAPES de entre 7 y 17 años de ocho países de la región -Brasil, Panamá, México, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia y República Dominicana- han sido el principal insumo y la base sobre la que se produjo Niñez que Cuenta. El impacto de las políticas de drogas sobre niños, niñas y adolescentes con madres y padres encarcelados en América Latina y el Caribe, el estudio regional producido por Church World Service (Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe) con la colaboración de Gurises Unidos (Uruguay).

Expert guest for PRICorina Giacomello and Luciano Cadoni24th September 2019

Childhood that matters: The invisible face of drug policy and incarceration

This external expert blog details the findings of a new report, Childhood that matters: The impact of drug policy on children of incarcerated parents in Latin American and the Caribbean, a report led by Church World Service (Buenos Aires Regional Office) and Gurises Unidos (Uruguay). It is available in English and Spanish.

Expert guest for PRICorina Giacomello and Luciano Cadoni24th September 2019

The Flip Side of the Coin

At the end of last year, our organization (Penal Reform International) and its partner organizations (Human Rights Centre and Rehabilitation Initiative of Vulnerable Groups) took part in prison monitoring under the National Preventive Mechanism of the Public Defender of Georgia. Our team and that of the Public Defender considered the rights of prison staff alongside the rights of prisoners.

Elene Gabelaia15th April 2019

მედლის მეორე მხარე

გასული წლის ბოლოს სახალხო დამცველის პრევენციის ეროვნული მექანიზმის მანდატით, ჩვენი ორგანიზაცია („ციხის საერთაშორისო რეფორმა“) თავის პარტნიორ ორგანიზაცებთან ერთად („ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრი“ და „ინიციატივა მოწყვლადი ჯგუფების რეაბილიტაციისათვის“) ჩართული იყო პენიტენციური დაწესებულებების მონიტორინგში. ჩვენი გუნდი სახალხო დამცველის თანამშრომლებთან ერთად იკვლევდა ციხის პერსონალის უფლებრივ მდგომარეობას პატიმრების უფლებრივ მდგომარეობასთან ერთად.

ელენე გაბელაია10th April 2019