What happens to the child whose parent is sentenced to death?

To mark the 17th World Day Against the Death Penalty on 10 October 2019, this expert blog by Oliver Robertson, an expert on abolition of the death penalty and rights of children whose parents are in prison, reflects on the impacts of having a parent sentenced to death or executed. The World Day 2019 is dedicated to raising awareness on the rights of children whose parents have been sentenced to death or executed.

Oliver Robertson9th October 2019

Justice for women who kill

Sabrina Mahtani explains why the law in Sierra Leone ignores the realities of domestic violence in cases where women fatally attack their abusers.

Sabrina Mahtani21st March 2017

Способен ли смертный приговор напугать террориста?

2016 год для двух городов Казахстана – Алматы и Актобе - запомнится в красном цвете террористической угрозы высшей степени. Пережив панический страх и ужас, люди потребовали от властей незамедлительной реакции.

Денисенко Юлия Oлеговна16th February 2017